Jennie L. Lamb, Design / communication professional

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Excerpt from Jennie Lamb’s World Conference in Review:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the best self-promoted breakout workshop at World Conference: Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders with Carmen Spinoza! Casilda Malagon and Stephen Welch, both now past presidents of the IABC/UK chapter, developed a “business simulation—a game you can play to explore real-life dilemmas and think about how you react to real-life situations.”

The participants were divided into teams and each team elected a PR director (who interfaced with the game-runners), an operations director (who watched the clock for the timed team deliberations), and a financial director (to keep track of the reputation points—using beans…get it?… “bean counter”—distributed throughout the game). I was appointed as the financial director for our team and was happy to serve!

We were presented with three different business scenarios where we helped Carmen Spinoza, Communications Director for “Globocorp” (who is, to my knowledge, the only “virtual” member of IABC to date and has amassed quite a following on “The Twitters”), navigate communication challenges and interoffice politics in order to do her job effectively and continue to thrive and move up her own career ladder. Our team came in second overall. It was a lot of fun and a really great way to discuss best practices in professional communications with new IABC friends!  Carmen herself wrote a blog about her New Orleans adventure, which I hope you’ll take a moment to read.”