Through the Corporate Looking Glass

Welcome to the fifth challenge of our #testingtimes campaign.

This time, we’ve made a small quiz for you, with a twist.

Click here to access the quiz and have a chance to win a free workshop for your team!

Wherever you work, it can be helpful to occasionally jump outside your professional sandbox and take a different perspective.

Alice did that when she went to Wonderland. And although we can’t recommend using a ‘surrealistic pillow’ to change your viewpoint, there is often merit in seeing things from another’s perspective.

In business and government, this often means thinking carefully about the other person’s knowledge base and heritage. As you get more senior, you will work with more people who see things in a different way to you. Who have a different perspective and who look through the looking glass in a different way.

Your challenge this time is to answer the questions in this quiz. You’ll find questions on corporate life, and some references to previous exercises in the #testingtimes campaign. Plus we’ve imported a couple of scenarios from our Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders workshops.

No cheating or googling the answers! The person with the highest score wins a free Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders workshop for their team (all you pay is expenses).

Good luck!

Casilda and Stephen