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As a workshop, it premiered at IABC’s World Conference, where one participant said:

“it was the best workshop I have ever been to at a conference”.

This workshop works best for in-house teams who want to raise their game and challenge their thinking. We can customise to your learning objectives, skill levels, and team role or function.

Types of sessions

Mini or Christmas

Designed for a team away-day / one-off event. This is a 2-3 hour session in which participants learn in a fun environment. This session is perfect for teams who want to do something different as part of their Team Christmas event.


A learning experience. Half-day or full-day event which includes some practical tools and role playing exercises.


In-depth exploration. Typically part of a structured training programme. It is a fully customised experience covering the game, deep dives into the concepts around becoming a strategic adviser and individual support/coaching.

Who else will find it useful?

  • Conferences, professional associations or other groups who want an event with a difference to help their members / clients.
  • Academic institutions or training bodies who want to offer something fresh and new, with a different flavour to traditional learning formats.
  • Agency teams who want to put themselves into their clients’ shoes and think more deeply about the dilemmas their clients face on a day-to-day basis.
    The principles can be adapted to any function – HR, Legal, Finance. But we are starting with corporate communications. We can also tailor and adapt to your particular dilemmas, team experience, or organizational challenges.

It works best with a group of 15-50 people, divided into teams of 5-8. Just to add a bit of a competitive flavour.

Corporate Snakes & Ladders Board.jpg

Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders helps you navigate the ambiguity between theory and practice as you encounter real-life scenarios in a gameplay environment.

We know that we learn best when we experience things, when we are having fun and when we get a chance to reflect with others: these are the three pillars of its design.

Now we have adapted it for use by in-house teams training sessions and for professional associations who want to run an event with a difference. Workshop participants will have an immersive experience where they will:

Quickly establishing a team, sharing roles, and reaching consensus
Reflect around key business challenges and how to work with other functions.
Understand how to apply “rules” and “best practice” when reality bites.

Tried and tested

Based on our tested methodology, we can customise a training course to meet your team’s needs and the learning outcomes you are looking for, or you can simply invite us to play the existing game in your company.

Our offering is flexible and can go from the “mini” Corporate Snakes and Careers Ladders you can play at an away-day to a fully branded and licensed corporate training course to roll out at multiple sites.

We also offer

Multilingual delivery

Our core team can deliver programmes in English, French, Spanish, German, Danish, Swedish, and Portuguese. Associates deliver in other languages as required.
Complete customisation. We can deliver a completely tailored experience following corporate branding guidelines and focusing on specific learning outcomes or desired behaviours.


We can design a session to help your employees deliver a customised course.
Multimedia experience. Our team can produce and deliver a unique pre and post-workshop experience using social media, workbooks and progress report.

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