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Customers include a pharmaceutical multinational, a major Swiss company, and a UK housing association. We have licensed it to the UK Government Communication Service for use as part of their communicator training across government. It has also been used by professional associations such as the Market Research Society, IABC, CIPR, and PRCA in the UK, the US, Canada and Singapore.

The programme is also academically accredited and forms part of the Master’s degree programme of two UK Universities.

We run a variety of events tailored to different levels and functions, such as communications, marketing and human resources.

Upcoming events

24 June, 3 pm UK time | Multilingual webinar: The RECIPE for Success

Do you want to learn how to adapt your influencing style to create an impact? We will present our new model of influencing at this multilingual webinar hosted by CM Idiomas and VoiceBoxer.

The event will take place in VoiceBoxer, the first multilingual on-line meeting platform, supported by CM Idiomas’ expert team of simultaneous interpreters. This webinar is also a unique chance to participate in English, French, or Spanish.

Space is limited so please register early to avoid disappointment,  follow this registration link.

Past public events

17 January | International facilitators meeting | Geneva, Switzerland

We are joining forces with associates around the world to take our business simulation to new heights, and latitudes. By invitation only. Contact us for more information.

23 January | Simply Communicate workshop – Communication for Performance | London, UK

In this day of workshops we are presenting a talented double bill – Stephen Welch will facilitate a Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders workshop following a presentation by Katherina Auer. This event is free for simply network members! Tickets here.

19 September | Contact Monkey Event | Toronto, Canada

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20 September | IABC Montreal | Montreal, Canada

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15 May | Connect 19 – PRSA Conference | Phoenix, Arizona, U.S.

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10 July | UK Government Communication Service | Bristol, UK

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22 May | University of the Arts | London, U.K.

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06 June | IABC New Jersey | Madison, New Jersey, US

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19 June | Career Advancement Skills as a Strategic Adviser |Market Research Society | London, UK

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