We’ve moved!

So we’ve moved from a little apartment to a bigger house. Our new address is http://www.archetypical.org.


Moving house: a chance to clear out and reboot. 

In Québec, where Stephen grew up, the “jour de déménagement” (moving day) is part of the culture, especially in Montréal.  It’s an annual ritual in a city where home ownership is relatively low and many rental leases are synchronized to expire on the same day. People move house to greater or lesser premises depending on their place on the wheel of fortune.

For Archetypical, though, our ‘jour de déménagement’ is a very different experience. We’ve moved: not because we have to or need to but because we want to.

We first rented in 2016 when we developed the Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders business simulation, with protagonist Carmen Spinoza. The bedsit of a workshop at a global conference turned into a studio apartment as few big companies asked us to bring the workshop to their teams. In 2018, it was time to sign a proper lease when we set up Archetypical as a UK company . 

Since then we haven’t stopped growing. We’ve created more ingenious approaches to learning to help our clients solve real-life business issues. Starting from the kitchen of Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders, we have built other rooms for influencing styles, types of advising, consulting skills, crisis management and ethics.

Covid made us pivot and now we offer workshops online, hybrid, and face-to-face, depending on the situation.

But we’ve outgrown our current lease. For three reasons:

  • Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders is still our first (and favourite) child but we needed more space for a bigger family.
  • We also welcomed a new extended family. An international network of facilitators and colleagues bring an array of colours to our decorating scheme. They are united by the purpose of helping you — readers, colleagues, clients — achieve personal and professional success.
  • In March, our business stalled (maybe yours did too?). We didn’t cancel: we pivoted. We did a ‘lockdown powerup’ and took the opportunity to rethink our corporate purpose.

So we’ve moved from a little apartment to a bigger house. Our new address is www.archetypical.org

Our new home has plenty of rooms.

Come and visit us.

Come and play.

There’s plenty of room, even with social distancing.


Author: carmenspinoza

Carmen Spinoza is Globocorp’s Communication Director – a virtual character in a make-believe multinational company. She and the other members of the Globocorp Executive Team are part of the simulation that helps you explore high level business issues.

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