Lockdown Power-up

By Casilda Malagon and Stephen Welch

At Archetypical, we thrive at finding new ways to help our clients and friends. Coronatimes gave us a special corona-challenge: how do you marry the experience of face-to-face events with the safety of virtual ones? How do you design a happy wedding between the two?

Something old

Sometimes, innovation lies in refreshing the old ways. In the past few months, many joined us in the #testingtimes postcard game. Every couple of weeks, a challenge landed in your home; a postcard with an riddle, an idea, or a link to an on-line tool. Turns out, you really liked the unexpected challenges and the chance to participate in an activity … and get some feedback about yourselves. Thank you for joining us in that adventure!

It turned out to be a good way to stay connected and can be adapted for remote teams who want to have a shared experience.

Something new

Corporate Snakes and Career Ladders™ is going online! With a twist. Our workshops are known for being fun, interactive and thought-provoking, moving online had to keep that part of the experience. Around the world, our players tell us they enjoyed the experience and it made them think differently and power-up their career.

We wanted go online; we wanted to keep the human element, the thrill of moving your peg up a board, the competition of not knowing what choice the other teams will made. How do you meet all that? We’re using a visual collaboration tool, and have adapted it to build a series of ‘rooms’ where teams can play. With a few other tricks up our sleeve, we can create an event that gets your team solving problems, working collaboratively, fueled by a sense of friendly competition.

Finding the right approach took a few tries. Our first attempts didn’t work all that well – but thanks to the collaborative approach of our Archetypical network and our clients, we have something new and different which can help teams grow.  

Something borrowed

Does it count if you borrow from yourself? To find a happy marriage, we combined DNA from our face-to-face workshops with on-line systems and created two ‘children’ in the shape of self-assessment tools. So far the marriage has born the RECIPE for influence and Types of Adviser assessments. More on that via the links.

We’ve got a couple of other tools in the pipeline so watch this space so keep an eye out for how we grow our self-diagnostics offering.

Something blue

In our case, blue like the oceans. We’ve invested in the last few months to grow our international team – across the oceans – and now have colleagues around the world who can deliver in various countries, virtually, and in different languages. It’s a blue planet and we can support teams wherever they might be.

…. and a sixpence in her shoe

OK, inflation has made this almost worthless but the tradition was the sixpence symbolized wealth and prosperity. We can’t promise that working with us will make you wealthy, but we can help you, your career, and your organization prosper.


Author: carmenspinoza

Carmen Spinoza is Globocorp’s Communication Director – a virtual character in a make-believe multinational company. She and the other members of the Globocorp Executive Team are part of the simulation that helps you explore high level business issues.

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