September is the new January

Carmen makes her September resolutions public and asks for help in choosing the top one.

There’s something about September that makes me think of new clothes and fresh starts. It might be a childhood of going to school in Connecticut, packing my new bags, and wearing new shoes as I walked into a brand new school year. Everything felt possible. Even now, after all these years, come September I go into work with a renewed motivation to make changes, and make a difference to my team, my organization, and my career. Somehow these resolutions feel more realistic than New Year’s ones. So, September is my silent, personal, creative new year.

Now, watching from my window, I feel the season change again and, I wonder: is this is the year where my private resolutions go public?

It is.

This year is different.

This year I have you, my key strategic advisers.

In that vein, here are four September resolutions. And this is where you can help. Tell me which one is most important to you by September 12 I’ll then do some research and on September 17 I will publish the winner and will share expert advice on how to make it happen.

  1. End the war with the Finance team. For almost three years Globocorp’s CFO, Buck Greenback, and I keep going at it. He keeps shooting down all my ideas, dismisses me as the “comms lady” and I feel my blood boil whenever I see him. This must end.
  2. Ensure the team’s long-term success. I have a great time, but how do I make it sustainable when I decide to move on, or get promoted. How do I give them a chance to shine, and develop a talent pipeline?
  3. Spend more time on ‘me’ – I work all hours. I travel all the time which means I never find the time to give back to society after all this privilege. I keep breaking promises to spend time with my nieces; I haven’t spent quality time with my parents. This year it must be different.
  4. Get my CEO to increase my budget. I can see great potential in what comms can do for Globocorp, we could do with a proper rebrand and I’ve always wanted to develop a campaign with women fashion designers. I need to find a way to sell it to my CEO, Isobel Ching.

Which of these are most important? Vote for your favorite then I’ll publish the advice I get on how to make it work.

You can vote for your favourite on my Twitter poll 

Or, As usual you can tweet me (@CarmenSpinoza11), or email or WhatsApp Stephen and Casilda. Or even leave me a note in the comments section.

We’re easy to find.

By VectorOpenStock [CC BY-SA 4.0 (, from Wikimedia Commons

Author: carmenspinoza

Carmen Spinoza is Globocorp’s Communication Director – a virtual character in a make-believe multinational company. She and the other members of the Globocorp Executive Team are part of the simulation that helps you explore high level business issues.

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